Moving Forward (2004)

A Strategy for the Integration of Internationally Trained Workers in Ottawa

This project was funded under the umbrella of the Voluntary Sector Initiative by the former Human Resource Development Canada.

The specific objectives of the project were:

1) to develop a community based strategy to support the integration of internationally-trained workers into the labour market;
2) to establish a coordinated and sustainable approach to the assessment and recognition of skills and credentials and
3) to help develop capacity in the voluntary sector.

An essential project requirement was to focus efforts at the level of individual occupational groups, ensuring that there would be a match between supply of internationally-trained workers on the one hand, and demand for workers in the occupations they were trained for, on the other.

The project thus involved establishing occupation-specific working groups in five areas – teachers, engineers, doctors, nurses and masons, with representation on each of the groups that includes people from the immigrant community, service agencies, employers, regulating bodies, training or educational institutions and others that who add expertise to this part of the project. These occupational groups were chosen because a reasonable level of (current or future) demand for workers in these occupations was predicted, and corresponding numbers of internationally-trained workers existed in the LASI World Skills database.

Two or three meetings were held with each group (except for the doctors for whom a focus group was held in October 2003), which focused on the identification of barriers to labour market integration, and solutions to removing these barriers. The following provides an analysis of the process that underlies the occupational group meetings, then describes the barriers and solutions that were common to the four groups, and finally discusses recommended actions and outcomes.

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