Tools For The Trade (2002)

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This resource was developed to help learners prepare for the workplace. Using actual examples from local businesses or organizations, we have developed questions and activities that will give learners hands-on experience with communication systems similar to what they may find in a workplace. In some cases we have had to change names or make-up our own version of the workplace document as we were unable to get permission to use the original document we had obtained. However, we were very diligent in maintaining the original intent and spirit of documents from the workplace.

Most of the materials are from businesses and organizations that hire entry-level workers. The activities suggested in the workbook usually start with a fairly predictable question-answer mode. As the questions progress critical thinking and problem solving skills are needed. The workbook can be used in classroom or tutorial sessions. English as a Second Language students would also gain valuable workplace experience with the use of these forms.

The majority of questions and activities are reading, comprehension and writing related. The numeracy aspect of workplace systems will be developed in 2002- 2003.

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