Fitting In (2005)

Engagement with Regional Stakeholders on Integrating Internationally Trained Workers into the Workforce

Judging from the high level of participation and interest generated by these roundtables (from January to March 2005) and the constructive dialogue that took place, it is fair to say that community stakeholders from all regions of the country are genuinely concerned about the demographic, social, and labour market issues that are affecting them, and they are looking for solutions. By the same token, they view the workforce integration of internationally-trained Canadians and immigrants as an important element of a local solution designed to address these issues. While views differ on how best to address the numerous labour market integration challenges facing internationally-trained workers, this is a consensus that Canada is currently wasting a considerable amount of the rich human capital that is embodied in the country’s immigration pool.

This document also includes:
- Introduction;
- Key issues and trends;
- Specific community and regional issue;
- Instructive practices: Lessons from the communities;
- Search for solutions: Stakeholders perspectives;
- Conclusions; and
- Appendices.

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