Workplace Health Works! - Vancouver (2003)

A Seminar on Innovative Workplace Health Practices

Issues of workplace health and wellness are an ongoing priority for the Canadian Labour and Business Centre (CLBC). The CLBC and its Board of Directors believe that approaches which promote workplace health and wellness are in the best interests of both employers and workers – a clear ‘win-win’. In particular, in a period of anticipated growing skill shortages, those employers who pay attention to workplace health issues will have a competitive advantage over others in recruiting and retaining workers with much-needed skills.

As part of its efforts to improve our collective understanding of healthy workplace concepts and to promote healthy workplace practices more broadly within the business and labour communities, the CLBC carried out 13 case studies on the safety and health initiatives of 13 Canadian workplaces. The cases were selected because their approaches to workplace health are innovative and effective in improving workplace safety and health, and in improving business performance. It was felt that the case study approach would be a persuasive way to promote these practices and encourage their adoption by other organizations.

The document also includes:
- Background information;
- Regional seminars on workplace health;
- Vancouver seminar on workplace health;
- Program overview: Vancouver seminar;
- Summary of seminar proceedings; and
- Participants' assessment.

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