Guide to Writing (2001)

This useful guide to writing is divided into two sections : Writing and Free Writing. The first part of the guide contains examples, notions, and activities on penmanship, sentences, lists, paragraphs, invitations, etc. The second part of the book is about free-writing. To encourage the free-writing process, several aids are used to stimulate the learner. Daily journals, cartoon strips, newspapers, and poetry are only a few of the activities used to develop the learner's free-writing skills.
This resource is available in the NALD Literacy Collection. For more information or to order this guide, contact : Rabbittown Learners Program, P.O. Box 23022, Churchill Square, St. John's, NF A1B 4J9, Tel. (709) 579-6033, Fax (709) 579-8738, Email : WWW : (01.10.02)

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