Eight BC Workforce Literacy Initiatives (2000)

Final Report

With funding from the National Literacy Secretariat (NLS) of Human Resources Development Canada, Literacy BC has implemented "Eight BC Workforce Literacy Initiatives," a series of projects intended to

1) help employers, unions, and educators recognize their stake in and responsibility for workforce literacy;
2) increase the demand for and usefulness of the information and consultation services that are available to employers, workers, and educators; and
3) develop strong, collaborative partnerships concerning workforce literacy issues and programs.

This report contains detailed descriptions of the eight initiatives and discusses specific activities and outcomes, general reflections, and sample materials for each of the initiatives. The eight initiatives include the following:

- alliance development
- public awareness
- business incentives
- labour awareness and support
- practitioner development
- new program support
- accredited curriculum design
- prior learning assessment portfolio evaluation

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