Literacy Matters: A Call For Action (2007)

Of all the issues that Canadians are concerned about – the environment, health care and the war against terrorism – literacy is never identified as a pressing problem. However, many Canadians lack the necessary literacy skills to succeed in today’s economy: a situation that is eroding their standard of living. As a long-standing advocate of literacy, TD Bank Financial Group has prepared this report to raise greater awareness of the state of literacy in Canada and provoke discussion. It is hoped that this will be the first in a series of studies, with future installments focusing on specific issues or dimensions.

This report, prepared by Craig Alexander, Vice President & Deputy Chief Economist of the TD Bank Financial Group, is divided into four major sections: 1) what is meant by the term ‘literacy’; 2) the state of literacy in Canada among both adults and youth; 3) the economic and social cost of illiteracy; and 4) the role of public policy and private sector initiatives to improve literacy.

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