Partnerships That Work! (2002)

Sector Council Strategies for Workplace Skills Development and New Worker Integration

Partnerships That Work!, a conference on workplace training and new worker integration organized by the Canadian Labour and Business Centre, took place in Ottawa in May 2000. The main purpose of this event was to showcase current best practices and consider new ways in which sector councils can address key issues identified in the federal government's February 2002 paper called Knowledge Matters - Skills and Learning for Canadians. Sector councils are organizations that bring together employers, unions and other employee representatives, the education and training community and professional groups to analyze and address human resource needs in different industry sectors. About 190 senior representatives from sector councils, the labour, business and education communities, and federal and provincial governments attended the conference.

This report contains a summary of the conference proceedings and includes
- a summary of key conclusions and recommendations;
- background information on sector councils and the rationale for the conference;
- opening and closing remarks and keynote address;
- group discussions on strengthening employer-sponsored training, integrating new workers into the labour force, and
roles for sector councils.

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