Reading and Writing with Children and Youth (2007)

A Frontier College tutor's guide

Frontier College has developed this guide to help tutors who work with children and youth on homework and/or reading support. This guide contains various techniques and ideas that tutors can use to help their students strengthen reading skills as well as learning strategies that will motivate students to learn. It does not provide a set of prescribed lessons for tutors.

The guide contains three sections as well as a conclusion and references. The first section, "Getting started", will help tutors decide where to begin and how to keep their tutoring on track. It discusses the importance of building a relationship with students. The tutoring techniques in the second section, "Learning to read," will help a beginning reader learn how to read. The third section, "Reading to learn," focuses on how to tutor a child or youth who can read fairly well but who struggles to understand, or to think critically about, what he or she reads.

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