Unlocking Language: The Classic Readability Studies (2006)

Volume 1: 1921-E. L. Thorndike and the Familiar Word

This document includes:
- Introduction
- Word Knowledge in the Elementary School
- The Word Counts and Credits
- General Results- The Results in Detail
- The Adequacy of the Counts
- Uses of the List in the Teacher's Word Book
- The Establishment and Clarification of Standards
- The Evaluation of Text-Books
- Selection and Graduation of Readers
- Material for Phonic Drills
- A Standard Vocabulary for the Teaching of Foreigners
- The Vocabularies in Elementary Books for Teaching A Foreign Language
- The First 500 Words
- Text-Books for High School Pupils
- The Amendment and Extension of Spelling Lists
- The Improvement of Reading Scales and Tests
- Other Uses
- Prefixes and Suffixes

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