Monitoring Tools: Community Literacy Development (2006)

Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy

From the Ground Up (FGU) is a project of Research in Practice in Adult Literacy (BC), in partnership with Literacy BC, that helps practitioners develop tools to evaluate their community-based programs and facilitate the reporting process. This document is one in a series that describes monitoring tools that have been developed by different BC communities.

This document presents the Community Literacy Development measurement tools used by the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy. These tools are designed to identify the range and importance of community networking and collaboration, and the effect those are having on literacy service delivery. The tools provide valuable information about the number and type of partnerships community literacy groups develop, the amount of money and resources those partnerships leverage which add value to funding, and the increase in service delivery and resources available for literacy programs in communities. The mapping tools can also be used to identify the sectors that partner most often with literacy at the community level, providing useful information to foster cross-ministerial cooperation.

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