Putting IT in Adult LITeracy (2007)

Tips and Strategies for Integrating Computer and Information Technology into Adult Literacy Programs

The “digital divide” — the gap between those who have access to the latest technologies and those who do not — is well documented. Bridging the gap is partly about providing technical skills and access to computers, but it is also about teaching people how to use technology in ways that are meaningful and empowering. This manual for adult learners covers basic skills in a way that seeks to inspire learners to continue exploring the technology on their own. It focuses on simple, practical, and goal-oriented approaches that make information technologies relevant for adult learners and will help increase learners’ confidence in their ability to try things on their own.

Topics covered include the following:
- word processing
- e-mail
- the Internet
- computer-based learning
- shopping and banking online
- creative expression such as blogs and multimedia

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