For My Child - Phase 2: Cohorts 2 and 3 (2006)

A Study of the Impact of French-Language Family Literacy Programs on Francophone Families in Linguistic Minority Settings in Ontario

To better equip Francophone parents to act as their children’s first teachers and to support them in this role, a number of French-language literacy centres have provided family literacy programs in several Francophone communities in Ontario. This document presents the results of a research study that evaluates the impact of family literacy programs on Francophone parents and children in Ontario. In this study, the researchers assess the changes observed in literacy habits and in use of French among parents and children who have been involved in a French-language literacy program. They also analyze the various models adopted by these programs, identify the challenges that they must meet and the factors for their success, and document their best practices.

This study is being conducted over a five-year period. Within this period, researchers plan to assess five cohorts of Francophone families who participate in the family literacy programs offered at the seven French-language literacy centres. Each cohort will participate in a program composed of 8 to 10 workshops. This report deals with the second cohort of families who participated in these workshops.

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