A Health Literacy Manual for Older Adults (2006)

We know from the 2003 International Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey (IALSS), that many seniors have difficulty reading and writing. Poor literacy skills seriously compromise seniors' health and well-being: if seniors have difficulty reading and writing, they may not able to obtain health information or may not be able to understand instructions.

This manual is a compilation of eight health literacy lesson plans to be used by literacy tutors and health educators who work with seniors. These lesson plans will help older adults enhance their literacy skills while learning about health topics that are of interest to them. In addition to short readings on the above topics, the lessons also include a variety of literacy activities.

The lesson plans are entitled as follows:
1) Determinants of Health for Older Adults
2) Active Living
3) Healthy Eating
4) Understanding Food Labels
5) Food Safety
6) Visiting your Health Provider
7) Understanding Medication
8) Practicing Prevention

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