Making Bridges Visible (2008)

An Inventory of Innovative, Effective or Promising Canadian School-to-Work Transition Practices, Programs and Policies

This is a report on research done by the Work and Learning Knowledge Centre (WLKC) on current Canadian practices, programs and polices aimed at improving school-to-work transitions for school-leavers. Data for this project was gathered through a survey of the WLKC Transitions and Access Working Groups and supplemented by a Canadian literature review. Researchers compiled an inventory of 44 entries that consists of school-to-work measures for school-leavers (including youth at-risk) and for those graduating from high school or post-secondary education. All of the initiatives were reviewed and categorized as promising, effective or innovative. The authors have also identified potential target audiences for the inventory and suggested knowledge exchange activities. This report includes a comprehensive executive summary.

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