Reflections Paper (2005)

The Ontario Literacy Coalition's Workplace/Workforce Literacy Symposium

This paper was written in May 2005 for the Ontario Literacy Coalition's Workplace/Workforce Symposium, which brought together delegates representing business, labour, literacy organizations, adult learners, adult education and training organizations, and government.

The purpose of this paper was to provide a common starting point and a forward-looking perspective for stimulating dialogue and future action on workforce and workplace literacy. This paper attempts to begin identifying and clarifying the multiple voices and interests of those with a stake in this field. It is not an exhaustive survey but, rather, presents the results of surveying a small number of people from provincial and national organizations that represent large constituencies in Ontario.

The document includes background information; information on workplace literacy approaches and partnerships; consultations with stakeholders in preparation for the symposium; a summary; and an appendix.

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