A New Brunswick Snapshot (1998)

The International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) was a seven-country initiative conducted in the fall of 1994 to create comparable literacy profiles across linguistic and cultural boundaries. This is a report of a study that analyses the New Brunswick data collected for the IALS in order to better understand literacy in the province. According to this survey, 60% of New Brunswick adults are in the lowest two levels of literacy in all three domains (prose, document and quantitative). Comparisons with the other Atlantic provinces, Canada as a whole and the pool of countries involved in IALS offer some telling insights into literacy levels in the province.

International results were published in December 1995 and national results were published in the fall of 1996. Whenever possible, this report attempts to reproduce the analysis presented in the earlier publications. Links to age, education, occupation and a variety of other demographic indicators are explored and a separate chapter on the practices of literacy is presented. Key results are listed in an executive summary. The remaining is divided into three chapters and a conclusion:

Chapter 1 - A profile of literacy in New Brunswick
Chapter 2 - The practice of literacy
Chapter 3 - Dollars and sense: the economics of literarcy

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