Environmental Scan: Literacy Work in Canada (2007)

Summary Report

During the fall of 2007, Movement for Canadian Literacy conducted an environmental scan of the anglophone literacy field in Canada, gathering data through the use of key informant interviews and a literature review. The intent of this scan was to set the stage for a larger study of the sector. It was necessary to conduct this scan because much of the knowledge about literacy work in Canada is informal and anecdotal. There is very little research that provides a comprehensive picture of the literacy field, i.e., on who works in this field, how they got here, what training they receive, what their working conditions are like, whether the work has changed in recent years or is likely to change in the future, and what the field needs to do to prepare for the future.These are the types of questions that this study of the field attempts to answer. For this study the term “literacy sector” included organizations and people who do the work in the sector.

This report includes the following sections:
- Acknowledgments
- Introduction
- Setting the context
- The field of adult literacy in Canada
- Developing the literacy field as a profession
- Conducting the sector study
- Appendices - key informants and interview questions

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