Sectoral Needs Assessment (2000)

A Process for Essential Skills Analysis

In an ever-changing work environment, workers wishing to remain employable and employers wishing to maintain a competitive edge require a strong foundation of flexible skills to continuously learn and change along with the work. In order to plan successfully for workforce development, employers need to analyze the essential skills of their workforce. That's where this guide comes in. In this document, the authors describe how to conduct a sectoral needs assessment, outlining in detail a process model for assessing the needs of an industry, as opposed to the needs of one workplace. This guide has been written for any individual or group that has decided to undertake a sectoral needs assessment, such as employer associations, sector councils, labour unions, workplace literacy practitioners, community colleges, or government agencies.

This guide has been written in a "what worked for us" style and provides practical tips and suggestions for conducting a sectoral needs assessment. Key points and comments from the authors' own experience are noted in the margin. A glossary of key terms and some suggested references for further research are included in the appendices. The process described here has been organized in five phases:

Phase 1 - Groundwork
Phase 2 - Design
Phase 3 - Implementation
Phase 4 - Interpretation
Phase 5 - Presentation

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