Reading the Future (2008)

Planning to Meet Canada's Future Literacy Needs

This report by the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) is a follow-up to the Council's 2007 State of Learning in Canada report, which discussed the findings of the International Adult Literacy Survey. In this report, the Council addresses some of the key issues identified in the State of Learning report, such as the social and economic barriers behind Canada's literacy rates and potential barriers to learning. The current report offers a synthesis and analysis of research on literacy projections and the characteristics of adults with low literacy skills. The goal of this report is to assist policymakers, planners and adult educators in their efforts to improve literacy rates in Canada.

This report includes the following sections:
Executive summary
Chapter 1: Literacy projections
Chapter 2: The "face" of low literacy in Canada
Chapter 3: Effective practices and program responses
Chapter 4: Summary and future directions

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