Adult Workers' Engagement in Formal and Informal Learning (2008)

Insights into Workplace Basic Skills from Four UK Organisations

This report presents four cases that have been drawn from a larger longitudinal study which analyzes the immediate and longer term outcomes of workplace-linked interventions designed to improve adult basic skills. In this study, researchers interviewed and tracked 564 employees involved in workplace basic skills programs in the transportation, cleaning and maintenance, administrative (research) and food processing sectors in the north and south of England. The researchers' goal was to determine what happens to the employees that may be related to their learning experiences, and what happens in the company that may be related to the existence of the learning program.

The report begins with some brief background information followed by a review of recent literature on the topic. Each of the following case studies is then presented:
- Coopers - a large food manufacturer
- HLN Manufacturing - large engineering company specializing in the manufacture of parts for cars
- The Weapons Defence Establishment - weapons manufacturer
- The Thorpton Local Authority

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