Resources for Youth Literacy: The Photography Project (2002)

This document describes a literacy project conducted in the Simcoe County region of Ontario that utilized photography as way to engage students. The target group for this project was youth ages 16 to 24 years who had left the school system. Many of these youth had not acquired the literacy skills necessary to obtain employment, enter skilled trades programs, apprenticeships or return to school to obtain their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. As this project illustrates, arts-based projects are ideal as outreach tools for at-risk youth, to bring them back to learning and to provide opportunities for referral to existing literacy and social support programs.

In addition to discussing their own project, the authors have included in this document information on how to set up and run a literacy and photography project. This document can therefore be considered a guide to a photography-based literacy program. It contains the following sections:

1. Overview and Table of Contents
2. Research Summaries - helps readers understand why photography and literacy is a successful combination for youth-at-risk.
3. Before You Start- includes a synopsis of the project, common terms and definitions, and a technical requirements list.
4. Schedule and Learning Materials - a program schedule and all the learning materials and activity sheets you will need to run a Literacy and Photography Project
5. Resources and Appendices

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