Learner Skill Attainment - Framework (2008)

Learner Skill Attainment (LSA) was a large-scale research initiative, spearheaded by Ontario's College Sector Committee, designed to assist Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) learners in Ontario move more easily among the programs that serve their educational and training needs. The initiative identified five pathways that LBS learners take to transition to greater independence, employment or further education and training. Assessment approaches and instruments based on essential skills were explored for each pathway. In January 2007, the LSA initiative was funded to develop a long-term plan for the development of a valid framework for measuring learner skill attainment in three key areas of essential skills (reading text, document use and numeracy).

This report explains why the Learner Skill Attainment Framework was needed, what the development process looked like, how well the process worked, what was accomplished and what needs to be done next. In addition to an overview of the LSA initiative, this report includes a summary, background information, recommendations and references.

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