Agency assessment of organizational capacity - Guide (2007)

For literacy and basic skills (LBS) delivery agencies

This guide is intended to provide information for Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) funded agencies about what organizational processes need to be in place to implement a continuous improvement performance management system. To successfully implement such a system, an agency must have the organizational capacity to plan, track, organize, analyze and evaluate the results of its day to day operations. It does this to determine what needs to be changed to achieve the agency's intended results in the most efficient and effective manner.

This guide is organized into the following sections:
- Steps in the assessment process of organizational capacity
- Preparation & organization
- Tips on surveying clients, partners and stakeholders
- Step 1 – Understanding results
- The vital few
- Step 2 – Understanding cause
- Step 3 – Improving results
- Step 4 – Review the plan and adjust

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