How To Kit - Family Cooking (2008)

Cooking is great family activity. When parents prepare a recipe with their children, they are teaching the children not only cooking skills, but also literacy skills. There are several cooking and literacy extender activities included in this kit. However, preparing any recipe involves literacy. Any time spent talking and doing things together helps preschool children to develop language skills. Older children will gain practice in reading and writing recipes, following sequenced directions, weighing and measuring and working with fractions. This kit helps families begin cooking together. It is one in a series of how-to kits that can be downloaded from the NWT Literacy Council website at

In this kit you will find the following:

- A glossary of cooking words and tools.
- Fun recipes that your family can make together.
- Recipes for special occasions.
- Cooking and literacy worksheets and extender activities.
- A list of other fun family cookbooks and cookbooks based on storybooks.

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