Workbook 1: Assess your skills (2004)

The workbooks in the Skills at Work program are for adults in upgrading programs who are preparing for work. In Skills at Work, learners read about different kinds of jobs and the skills needed to do these jobs. The workbooks help learners see links between the skills they may already have and the skills they need at work and illustrate how skills can be transferred from one job to another.

In Workbook 1, learners collect information about their employment goals and about the world of work. They will also find information about different kinds of training and learn ways to find, save, and use information about jobs. This workbook consists of the following five units:

Unit 1 - Collecting job information
Unit 2 - Tara, Anya, and Doug - How do people know what kind of job they could be good at?
Unit 3 - Working on self-assessment
Unit 4 - Reaching your goal
Unit 5 - Training for work

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