In My Own Words (2002)

Graduation 2002 Yearbook

This Yearbook contains many stories, articles and poems written by the students at East End Literacy (EEL) during their graduation year 2001-2002. By improving, and in many cases, excelling in areas such as reading and writing, speaking and listening, technology and numeracy skills, the students at EEL have proven that community counts. By taking greater control of their learning and becoming better managers of their life and their time, they help to renew the confidence their teachers have in what they do. In the last year, the students have helped to reinforce the belief that effective community-based organisations provide opportunities for healthy growth and development. Learning is a reason to get involved in your community - to volunteer, to get involved with your children, to work and to listen to one another.
For a copy of the Yearbook, please contact : EEL, 269 Gerrard Avenue East, Toronto ON M5A 2G3, Tel. (416) 968-6989, Fax (416) 968-0597, Email : (02.10.18)

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