Creating a Rural Literacy Centre (2001)

A Handbook for Practitioners

This document shows that setting up a learning centre is not always easy, but that the final results are well worth the effort.

This handbook displays the progress of Words Work Centre's within a 3-year framework from 1998 to 2001. Results of this research lead to developing a rural literacy centre, and creating this handbook to document the project's process and findings. All rural areas are different - for example, Words Work Centre serves an area of about 60 square miles and a population of about 10,000 - but as identified through discussions with other rural coordinators, most rural literacy program issues are similar.

The first chapter entitled "The Vision", outlines the ideas behind planning a rural literacy centre. Chapter two, "Opening Doors", indicates the processes and documents necessary before opening the doors to a centre. In chapter three, "Operations", the day-to-day operations of a centre are outlined. Chapter four, entitled, "Sustaining a Centre", discusses the reality of keeping a centre open. For more information contact : Vesna Kavaz, Literacy Coordinator, Words Work Literacy Society, 4705 - 49 Ave., Athabasca AB T9S 1B7, Tel. (780) 675-5650, Email : WWW : (02.01.25)

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