Workplace Basic Skills Training Impact Evaluation (2008)

Research Report For The Leonardo Da Vinci WoLLNET Project

This is the final research report by Marchmont Observatory, University of Exeter, as providers of expert research services for the Leonardo da Vinci WoLLNET project, funded under the new European Union Lifelong Learning Programme. This project aims to research, trial, pilot and develop a web-based, user-friendly Toolkit to enable employers, providers and unions to evaluate the impact of workplace basic skills (literacy, language and numeracy) training programmes on learning, individual work performance and organizational performance. The overall purpose of the underpinning research presented in this final report is to collate approaches and models currently used in impact evaluation at all stages in the training process.

This report is organized into the five main sections as follows:
1 - Introduction
2 - Methodology
3 - Theoretical and practical approaches to training impact evaluation
4 - Results from partner consultations
5 - Discussion and recommendations

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