Workplace Educator Professional Development (2002)

Literature Review & Field Interview Report

The research presented in this report is part of the Ontario Literacy Coalition’s project "Workplace Literacy Training." This research was conducted to provide background and an impetus for discussion about practitioner development in workplace education as Literacy and Basic Skills providers move forward to deliver LBS-like programs in the workplace in Ontario. Professional development is an integral part of workplace education service delivery strategies. It serves to build capacity in a field where there are often limited numbers of practitioners available and to raise skill and knowledge levels of those practitioners already in the field.

For this report, the authors researched documents from the international workplace literacy community and talked to practitioners from the field. They have organized the information in their report into the following main sections:

- Introduction - Defining the context; methodology
- Purpose of professional development
- Audience for professional development
- Considerations in the design of professional development
- Program Content
- Delivery Models
- Accreditation and certification
- Sustainability and follow-up
- Emerging themes

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