Mapping the Field of Family Literacy in Canada (2008)

MCL Environmental Scan

The Movement for Canadian Literacy (MCL) provides a forum where people from provincial/territorial and national organizations can work together to identify, discuss and address issues of common focus. This project, Mapping the Field of Family Literacy, reflects MCL’s goal of building consensus, growing capacity and maintaining a commitment to family literacy.

This paper provides snapshots of family literacy “activity” in each province and territory with the intent of providing a view of family literacy through a wide-angle lens. In other words, to look widely, not deeply, at family literacy. Each snapshot was created from a series of interviews with provincial and territorial literacy coalition staff, key informants working in the field of family literacy, staff from some provincial and territorial governments and/or website and document reviews. The interviews identified two over-arching themes: How family literacy is funded and who provides family literacy programming.

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