Pathways to College (2008)

Report of the Adult Student Pathways to College Post-secondary Programs Project

About 25 per cent of students in post-secondary Ontario college programs have delayed their entrance to college and have never participated in any form of post-secondary education. These delayed entrants take multiple pathways to college that include participating in courses or programs to upgrade their academic skills. This report examines the pathways to college taken by students who do not have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent and have delayed entry to college education. Information on student pathways and mobility was collected from applicant and registrant data sources, focus groups with students and group discussions with staff.

The Adult Student Pathways to College Postsecondary Programs Project is one of the five projects on Improving College Systems Pathways undertaken by the Coordinating Committee of Vice-Presidents Academic on behalf of Ontario colleges. The key objectives of this project were to gain a better understanding of the multiple pathways adult upgrading students take to enter post-secondary college programs and suggest strategies to improve data collection and tracking of mobility of college academic upgrading students between colleges.

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