The Sea & Me Manual (1998)

A large collection of stories with accompanying exercises for use with tutoring adult learners.

The need for this manual was first identified by members of the Shelburne County Learning Network, located in Shelburne County, on Nova Scotia's South Shore. Most of the Network's members work as volunteer tutors within their communities. Through their work they have come to recognize the need for learning materials that would be of interest to people who live and work in rural areas like Shelburne County. Although the resources available to tutors and their learners are multiplying each year, there still seems to be shortage of materials written with a rural tone.
The Shelburne County Learning Network hopes to eliminate this shortage by offering the following stories, poems, exercises, and activities that have as their subject matter events and concerns of interest to people who live in small coastal communities in Nova Scotia and beyond. The exercises contained in the manual focus on reading, writing, grammar, and math, and they have been adapted for Levels 1 and 2 of the Nova Scotia Academic Upgrading Curriculum Levels.

For more information on this publication, contact :
Shelburne County Learning Network
P.O. Box 209
Shelburn NS B0T 1W0
Tel. (902) 875-4272.

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