Pathways (2009)

Professional Development for Adult Literacy Practitioners

Pathways is a professional development program for adult literacy practitioners. The program was developed by and
with literacy coordinators who value learning in order to do the best job possible, and who value professional recognition for themselves and for literacy programs.

Pathways is a flexible program that includes three cycles with five areas of study: Administration, Involving and Supporting Learners, Involving and Supporting Volunteers, Program Planning and Management, and Community Liaison.

This document outlines several modules offered within each area of study, at Cycles One and
Two. Perspectives: Theory and Practice in Adult Literacies and Perspectives: Creating Environments to Support Holistic Learning are key modules in the Pathways program. They provide a foundation for learning about adult literacies
and are strongly recommended.

Literacy practitioners have the option of earning a certificate in each cycle. This booklet describes each cycle and what you need to do to earn certificates.

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