Learning Communities (2006)

A Review of the State of the Field in Adult Learning

This report is part of a series commissioned by the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) to explore various aspects of adult learning in Canada. It based on the review and analysis of information from a variety of databases and publications.

On the basis of their review, the authors looked at existing indicators and measures used to assess the state of learning communities. As well, they identified significant gaps in the theories and practices of the field of adult learning related to the theme area. Finally, they identified several promising lines of future research that can begin to address gaps in the current knowledge about learning communities.

The authors note that even as learning theorists are rapidly deepening their understanding of the ways adult learning is inextricably entwined in community life, the communities themselves are under assault from global forces like consumerism, privatization and urbanization. They urge Canada to make a commitment to improving learning communities.

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