Report on Aboriginal Community Outreach Sessions (2008)

Aboriginal Adult Learning Issues in the Atlantic Region

This report grew out of consultations held in Atlantic Canada during the first six months of 2008 to discuss Aboriginal adult learning needs. The consultation sessions focused primarily on literacy, postsecondary education, and employment.

Participants in all sessions agreed that funding is a critical issue, pointing out that funding for many programs has either been frozen or has decreased since 2000. There was also concern that funding tends to be focused on employment and economic development, not on adult learning issues.

As well, participants expressed concern that funding criteria are restrictive. They noted that existing criteria make it easier for Aboriginal people on Employment Insurance (EI) to receive financial support for adult learning than those on social assistance, who may require this help more for transportation, tuition and child care.

The authors have included appendices containing summary reports of each of the five consultation sessions.

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