The Changing Face of Literacy in Ottawa (2002)

A Research Project for the Ottawa-Carleton Coalition for Literacy

This report gives thought to the perception that in the midst of these tumultuous times the face of literacy is changing. Change demands a response, and this research project was formulated in an effort to engage some key players in the formulation of a collective response. Together, literacy students, literacy practitioners and representatives from community partners, addressed the following issues:

• What is a working definition of "low literacy" in the new city of Ottawa in the early days of the 21st century?
• Aside from low literacy skills, what other issues are present in the adult literacy student's life that have an impact on their ability to achieve the goals they have set for themselves as literacy students?
• Why do adults seek out the services of a literacy program? What motivates them to participate in a program?
• Given that there are several different types of literacy programs to choose from in Ottawa, are some program models more attractive to students and referring agencies than others?

This report is separated into 9 chapters and gives an interesting overview of the factors that surround literacy levels and programs in Ottawa.

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