Understanding Horizontal Governance: Research Brief (2009)

This research brief, part of a two-year project examining the impact of accountability policies and practices on the field of adult literacy, focuses on the concept of horizontal governance.

The author describes horizontal governance as an umbrella term covering a range of approaches to policy development, service delivery issues, and management practices. It replaces hierarchical leadership with collaboration, coordination, shared responsibility for decisions and outcomes, and a willingness to work through consensus.

The author says literacy appears to be a good fit for a horizontal approach because it does not fall neatly under the priorities of a single government department.

At the same time, the author notes that there are many challenges to establishing horizontal governance in the literacy field. For instance, government officials may be limited in their commitments to a horizontal project because of the vertical accountability structure within their departments.

The author includes a list of references consulted while researching this brief.

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