Literacy in Ontario (2009)

This document offers an overview of adult literacy in the province of Ontario.

In the first chapter, the author explains that literacy is an ever-expanding term, noting that the literacy skills required to be successful in 2009 are quite different from those required 20 or even 10 years ago.

In the second chapter, the author provides an overview of literacy programming in Ontario. The Literacy and Basic Skills Program (LBS) provides financial support to 219 agencies to provide literacy training and academic upgrading in about 350 sites to 50,000 Ontarians each year. Each client is supplied with information and referral services, a literacy assessment, a training plan, literacy training, and evaluation and follow-up.

The third chapter deals with literacy statistics and trends. The author begins with an overview of the forces that affect literacy levels and the factors that lead to lower literacy levels, then moves on to present statistics on the learners in Ontario’s literacy system.

The author also provides contact information for provincial level and regional level literacy organizations.

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