ABE Teacher's Resource Guide (2001)

This ABE Teacher's Resource attempts to present in one place information teachers would share with each other and seek from each other if time and distance permitted. It is a document made by teachers for teachers in an attempt to help all of our students learn. In this guide, the authors begin to define and describe the ever-changing face of Adult Education in the state of Florida. They offer learning activities from active classroom teachers who, just like you, covet each success in the classroom, no matter how small. All of the learning activities offered are correlated to the ABE Curriculum Frameworks. There are four separate books of learning activities, representing a vast majority of the required benchmarks in each area.

Contents include : Introduction; Teaching the Adult Learner; Classroom Resources; Recruitment and Retention; Learning Disabilities; Assessment; Professional Resources. For information : Lynn Cunill, Leon County Schools & Adult & Community Education, Tel. (850) 922-5343, ext. 242, Fax (850) 922-5352, Email : cunilll@ACE-Leon This resource is also available online, in pdf format at : http://www.abeflorida.org (02.11.28)

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