Leveraging Excellence (2010)

Charting a course of action to strengthen financial literacy in Canada

In 2009, the Government of Canada established a Task Force on Financial Literacy, made up of 13 members drawn from the business and education sectors, community organizations and academia. The goal of this consultation document is to initiate a nationwide conversation on financial literacy to help the task force provide recommendations to the federal Minister of Finance, by the end of 2010, on a national strategy to strengthen Canadians’ financial literacy.

The authors pose questions about what constitutes financial literacy and how best to teach it; what determines financial behaviour; people’s understanding of debt, borrowing, savings and investment; how to encourage Canadians to plan for retirement; the role of communication and technology in financial literacy; and how to protect against financial fraud.

The final report of the task force, published in February 2011, can be found at http://library.copian.ca/item/9167.

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