Summary: Community Outreach Initiative (2008)

Francophone Community Outreach Report

This document summarizes the report prepared by the Adult Learning Knowledge Centre (AdLKC) after a series of in-person meetings and teleconferences with official-language minority groups in Atlantic Canada. The object of the exercise was to build awareness of the AdLKC; identify the main challenges faced by stakeholders in the field of adult learning; and propose concrete measures for moving forward.

The authors note that despite recognition of official language minorities in the Constitution and in various provincial acts, the application and enforcement of fundamental rights require constant effort on the part of Francophone communities.

The authors recommend that the AdLKC help Francophone groups by planning and coordinating meetings, forums and other events in the adult-learning sectors; offering support in liaising and meeting with government, post-secondary institutions and other relevant stakeholders to provide input on increasing the accessibility of services; and providing various opportunities to share expertise, experience and knowledge with others.

The AdLKC was established in 2005 as an initiative of the Canadian Council on Learning.

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