What We Heard: A Summary of Public Consultations (2010)

In 2009, the Government of Canada established a Task Force on Financial Literacy. Between February and May 2010, the task force undertook a nationwide effort to get the views of individuals and organizations on how best to address the gaps in Canadians’ financial knowledge.

By the time the consultation period ended, the task force had received more than 300 written submissions, heard from 175 presenters in 14 communities, and attracted 125 contributors to its online forum.

This document summarizes the thoughts of the participants in the consultation process and includes their views on the current state of financial literacy in Canada; education for financial literacy; financial behaviour, including borrowing habits; and evaluating national progress in achieving financial literacy.

The final report of the task force, published in February 2011, can be found at http://library.copian.ca/item/9167.

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