A World of Possibilities Through Learning (2002)

Information Kit on International Adult Learners' Week, September 8-14, 2002

This information kit was prepared to promote International Adult Learners’ Week (IALW), September 8-14, 2002.

The kit contains six information sheets that can be copied and distributed as needed. Each of the six can stand alone as a document.

The first sheet explains the intent and the objectives of International Adult Learners’ Week in Canada. Sheet 2 describes the international momentum behind International Adult Learners’ Week. Sheets 3 and 4 illustrate adult learning with stories and statistics from Canada and abroad. Sheet 5 outlines Adult Learners’ Week activities around the world and provides some examples of how other countries are celebrating the event. Sheet 6 is an invitation to everyone to join the movement for adult learning throughout life.

The kit is intended for use by government partners, the education community, nongovernmental bodies, and the private sector.

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