Canadians and Their Money (2010)

Building a brighter financial future

This is the final report of the Task Force on Financial Literacy, established in 2009 by the Government of Canada to consult with individuals and organizations across the country on how best to address the gaps in Canadians’ financial knowledge. By the time the consultation period ended, the task force had received more than 300 written submissions, heard from 175 presenters in 14 communities, and attracted 125 contributors to its online forum.

In this document, the authors put forward a proposed national strategy on financial literacy and also provide a set of recommendations on how to achieve it.

The authors note that five priorities form the foundation of the strategy: responsibility for the outcome of the strategy must be shared among all stakeholders; coordination of the various initiatives will require strong leadership; financial literacy requires lifelong learning; resources and innovative approaches will be needed to raise Canadians’ awareness of the importance of adopting good financial behaviours; and accountability will be key to the success of the strategy.

The authors state that financial literacy is an essential life skill for all Canadians and is acquired through lifelong learning. They emphasize the role that the school system can play and recommend that all provincial and territorial governments provide financial literacy professional development opportunities for teachers, with the federal government supporting these efforts by making resources available and accessible for teachers.

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