People Without Jobs, Jobs Without People (2010)

This presentation was given during the 2010 Spotlight on Learning conference, hosted by Ontario Literacy Coalition (OLC), and during Literacy Nova Scotia’s 2010 conference.

The author predicts a demographic and labour market crisis stemming from the combination of an aging population and an emerging knowledge economy. Unless action is taken promptly, the author says, Canada will see large numbers of untrained workers looking for jobs that require skills they do not have, while many jobs go unfilled because of a lack of qualified candidates.

The author uses information from a variety of sources, including Statistics Canada documents, and presents it in the form of graphs and charts. He refers to a number of surveys in the field, including one that examines the thoughts and desires of “baby boomer” employees and their employers with regard to the timing of retirement.

The author proposes a number of remedies, including increased immigration; boosting labour market participation rates among underrepresented groups; and improving literacy rates. But he notes that above all, attitudes must change so that postsecondary education or training is regarded as the norm for the vast majority of Canadians.

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