Canadian Post-Secondary Education (2006)

A Positive Record - An Uncertain Future

The goal of this document, prepared by the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL), is to examine how Canada’s approach to higher education compares with other leading developed countries and how well its postsecondary education sector can respond to a fast-changing global environment.

The authors note that a shortage of reliable data has made it difficult to report accurately on the state of postsecondary education in Canada. They set out three priorities for this sector: establish a set of clear goals for post-secondary education at the national level; establish indicators to assess achievement; and establish mechanisms at the national level that will accomplish the first two goals while at the same time promoting cohesion and coherence among all facets of postsecondary education.

The authors have also included information about how the United Kingdom, Australia and numerous European countries assess progress towards national goals in postsecondary education.

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