Stories of Progress on a Learning Journey (2011)

From Adult Learners in the Northwest Territories

This document brings together the stories of 56 Aboriginal adult learners from three Adult Literacy and Basic Education (ALBE) programs sponsored by the NWT Literacy Council. They were interviewed as part of a study the council carried out in 2007-08 to explore non-academic outcomes for Aboriginal adult learners.

Seventeen of the respondents were former learners while the others were enrolled in programs at the time of the study. Most were under the age of 30 and had completed less than Grade 10 at school. Seventy-one per of them were members of the Dene Nation; 25 per cent were Inuvialuit (Inuit people of the Western Arctic); and four per cent were Métis.

The learners tell their stories in their own words, explaining why they chose to return to school and describing the challenges they faced. While each story is unique, one theme that emerges frequently is the self confidence the learners gained through education.

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