Learning Communities and Cities (2010)

Revue « À lire en ligne », FCAF

This article appeared in the 2010 issue of “À lire en ligne,” a journal published annually by the Fédération canadienne pour l’alphabétisation en français (FCAF). The 2010 issue was devoted exclusively to the concept of place-based learning communities, defined as places that utilize the resources of all sectors, not just the formal education system, for learning.

In this article, the author notes that some people have dismissed the idea of a “city” as an outmoded concept in a time of globalization and ever increasing reliance on communication technology. But the author argues that people have a profound sense of community that is linked to a sense of place and a sense of belonging.

He refers to an alternative concept of “glocalization,” in which local assets and their interaction with the global is celebrated, making people at once community members and global citizens.

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