The South Island Learning Community (SILC) Project (2010)

Revue « À lire en ligne », FCAF

The South Island Learning Community (SILC) Project was carried out between 2005 and 2008 in the Greater Victoria area of British Columbia. The goal of the project was to create and test a model for building community capacity, both individual and organizational, to enhance the development of adult literacy skills through the use of information technology.

The author notes that the model depended upon building bridges between First Nations and non-First Nations learning communities by creating pathways between formal and non-formal learning providers and the communities. He says the project was nurtured by the Victoria Learning City initiative, which had started the year before.

The author says there is strong evidence that the SILC project had a positive impact on adult basic literacy policy and practice in the South Island, illustrating the usefulness of applying learning technologies to enhance literacy provision for individuals and communities.

This article appeared in the 2010 edition of “À lire en ligne,” a journal published annually by the Fédération canadienne pour l’alphabétisation en français (FCAF). The author served as guest editor of the issue, which focused exclusively on place-based learning communities.

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